Mark Congdon

Vice President, Product & Partnering, Advanced Technology

Mark Congdon has been in the Geospatial industry for over 25 years. Put simply, his role is in the development of both our key partners and the products we use. To Mark, it is critical to ensure that SAM remains close to the partners we work with, knowing and collaborating with the respective executive teams as well as those within product management. This allows SAM to maximize these important relationships, keeping us at the forefront of new technological developments and achieving a first-mover advantage in the market.

With a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s in business, Mark brings a technical approach to the commercial side of our industry. He started his career in Research & Development for Trimble Navigation, building and designing industry-leading technology. His experience working directly with public utilities for many years allowed Mark to be on committees for, and a frequent speaker at events for groups like the American Gas Association, Southern Gas Association, Western Energy Institute, Global Excavation Safety Conference, and many more.

Mark’s favorite core value is Community.  Though a community can be defined as your immediate neighbors and friends, it can also expand far beyond that. Mark and his wife have volunteered for Seattle Humane, the ASPCA, and other smaller rescues by working as foster parents for homeless animals. That work certainly benefits the immediate community, but for over a decade it has also benefited the wider fostering community around the world. Many hundreds of otherwise neglected animals that were fostered by us have been adopted into loving homes across the country, and the message of fostering has increasingly spread worldwide. Being able to give back in this way has been a key value to Mark for many years.