Gregory McKnight joined SAM in 2011. He has over 35 years of extensive experience delivering multi-disciplinary professional services in the AEC industry. His experience at SAM includes serving as the Dallas Office Manager, the Central Regional Director, and Head of the Electric Sector Market and Business Development. Currently, as the Corporate Director of Business Development, he is responsible for directing and overseeing the business development strategies for SAM Companies. Through collaboration with office managers, market leads, client champions, discipline leaders, and business development staff, he leads the annual strategic planning process, market analysis and strategic resource planning, and the management and tracking of SAM’s growth strategies and initiatives. Gregory is a Professional Surveyor and Mapper in Florida and is a member of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society.

Gregory’s favorite SAM core value is People. He believes that people are the cornerstone of company success and has spent his career mentoring, developing, and creating opportunities for individuals to grow and succeed in our industry. Greg is involved with various shelters in his community including no-kill animal shelters.