Erik Milnes


Associate, Senior Manager, Austin


Erik Milnes joined SAM in 2015. He has over 15 years of experience providing a variety of professional services in the AEC industry. Erik is an Associate and the Director of Operations for SAM’s Austin Electric & Renewable Energy Team. His responsibilities include developing operational plans and providing strategic leadership, mentoring staff, business development, and overseeing all aspects of planning, coordinating, and executing projects in the electric and renewable energy market.

Erik received a Bachelor of Science in Geomatics from The University of Florida and is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) licensed in Texas, a Professional Surveyor and Mapper (PSM) licensed in Florida, a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) licensed in Oklahoma and a Professional Surveyor (PS) licensed in New Mexico.

Erik’s favorite SAM core value is People. He believes that people are the cornerstone of SAM’s success, and he has a passion for mentoring, growing, developing, and empowering people with a servant leadership mindset. Erik currently resides in Austin with his wife and three children. He enjoys reading, working out, traveling, and spending time outdoors with his family.