Eddie Holliman

Eddie Holliman

Director of Fiber Engineering


Edward “Eddie” Holliman has over 30 years of diversified Telecommunications and Broadband industry experience. Eddie has been in leadership roles for operations, engineering, and construction with major Internet Service Providers (ISPs). His comprehensive knowledge in broadband infrastructure networks helps facilitate and promote new opportunities for SAM.

As the Director of Business Development of OSP Services, Eddie’s responsibilities include leadership in SAM’s Telecom teams and helping with business and client relationships. Eddie provides multiple growth leadership pathways for the Telecom Market by working with staff and industry partners.  He is deeply involved in the Broadband Infrastructure Initiative helping to bridge the digital divide.

Eddie’s favorite core value is Excellence in Service.  He strives to provide excellent client communication throughout each project so that his clients understand every step in the process for successful completion.  His goal is to have customer satisfaction at all levels.  He resides in Texas with his wife and enjoys spending time with his family.