Bryan Philips

Vice President, Associate, Business Development

Bryan Philips is an Associate and the Corporate Business Development Director for the company. His responsibilities center around enhancing the overall growth of the company by leading the implementation of SAM’s CRM system, contributing to market strategy development in all of SAM’s market segments, and generally promoting best practices for business development throughout the company.

Bryan has over 40 years of consultative sales and business development experience in a variety of industries. He has helped to develop successful BD teams in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 entities, constantly focusing on identifying, communicating, and delivering innovative value propositions to clients and stakeholders that help them achieve their commercial and personal goals.

Bryan’s favorite SAM core value is Community. He strives to be others-focused in all aspects of his personal and professional life, believing that if you first help others achieve their goals and aspirations, they will soon help you achieve yours. In addition to SAM and the Infrastructure Development community we serve, Bryan is actively involved in his church and supporting local community service organizations. He is married and proud to have been blessed with two incredible daughters and one amazing grandson (so far).