Leading with Safety and Security

At SAM, our commitment to safety and security is more than compliance; it’s a collaborative promise to our employees and clients. Our core value of safety is embedded in every facet of our Managed Geospatial Services™, from foundational policies to proactive management and continuous improvement. By fostering a ‘Lead with Safety’ culture and ensuring active employee engagement, we aim to prevent incidents and deliver solutions that safeguard everyone involved in our operations. Our dedication not only protects physical safety and data security but also adds value to the services we provide to our clients, reflecting our belief that all incidents are preventable.

Supporting Client Safety

Safeguarding our clients’ sites is a fundamental aspect of our work. Our Safety Department crafts tailored safety manuals in alignment with specific program needs, ensuring all team members are well-versed through dedicated training and internal communications. This culture of safety is deeply embedded in our operations, where weekly safety meetings reinforce best practices, and the empowerment of every employee to pause work amidst safety concerns is not just policy, but practice, ensuring a vigilant and responsive approach to on-site safety.

Our Process for Safety

At SAM, safety isn’t just a box on our checklist, it’s an integral part of our Managed Geospatial Services™ (MGS™).

Safety Planning

Every program is supported by a thorough Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan, alongside Site-Specific Safety Plans to address unique challenges. Our teams solidify this preparation in Kickoff Meetings and reinforce it daily through Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), ensuring a proactive stance on safety from start to finish.


Our safety accountability system is both robust and responsive, utilizing the CORE Observation Program to maintain vigilant oversight. We employ a suite of apps for seamless JHA submission, incident reporting, and document management. Vehicle telematics and driver event monitoring further affirm our commitment to accountability at every turn.

Employee Engagement

Weekly safety meetings and regular training for Managers are complemented by Monthly Safety Committee reviews and Executive Management briefings. Recognition systems celebrate service milestones and safe service hours, while our app-based platform encourages safety engagement through gamification and rewards.

Protecting Client Data

With petabytes of geospatial data generated by each program, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of our clients’ information is a top priority of our MGS™, influencing every layer of our operations. We use climate-controlled data centers and a secure portal for robust data upload and download processes, ensuring all information remains confidential. Our strategy includes not just encryption and access controls but also meticulous management, organization, maintenance, and regular MGS™ audits to meet strict security protocols. Additionally, ongoing training programs ensure our team understands their roles in protecting sensitive information, maintaining the highest level of security and professionalism.

Empowered Teams Ensure Safety

Our Employee Engagement is rooted in a culture where safety is a shared responsibility. Team members from all levels partake in our SAM Safety Orientation and are provided with extensive training, including First Aid, CPR, BBP, OSHA certifications, and Smith System Driver certification, tailored to meet the unique needs of each task and client. The Good Catch program exemplifies our commitment, as it empowers employees to proactively maintain a secure, hazard-free environment, recognizing the critical role they play in protecting our projects and the wider community.

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