GIS Inspection & Inventory Services

SAM’s expert GIS field crews know spatial accuracy is crucial, but as utility experts we understand there is more to each dot on the map. Recording the characteristics and attributes of each structure are one of the many ways SAM goes above and beyond for our clients. SAM provides infrastructure inspections and inventory services to all sizes of utilities. We have expertise in electric power infrastructure, gas distribution, sanitary sewer collection, storm water networks, and water utility systems.  

Unique to SAM is the in-house expertise of our GIS field staff to provide high accuracy GPS mapping in combination with comprehensive inventory and inspection services.   

Additionally, our personnel hold PACP/MACP/LACP certifications through the National Association of Sewer Service Companies. This in-house knowledge enables our staff to provide useable data on inspections to our clients while complying with industry standards.  

Let SAM show you how a creative approach can deliver accurate condition assessment data results while reducing project time, cost, and risk, all without disruption to your community.

Our technology is the difference

Our crews have the working knowledge to gather data on foot, from a variety of mobile ground platforms, or in the air, and utilize a variety of industry-leading technology to gather inventory and inspection data. 

SAM can integrate all inventory and inspection data directly into GIS or deliver it in the format of your choice. Our GIS field crews utilize industry-leading technology to streamline the collection process and imaging, support internal quality control, and enhance the use of data for the client. 

Our exceptional service does not stop in the field. We have developed a field-to-office workflow that supports quick and efficient turnaround of deliverables and integration within GIS. Through time-tested field procedures and machine learning software, we ensure that every piece of infrastructure is recorded accurately and consistently across every project. 


See Our Work

Our work has national reach, broad expertise, and applied technologies that allow SAM to capture even the most challenging physical environments from coast to coast.

Key Services
  • Manhole and Storm Water Structure Inspection
  • InfoSense SL-RAT® Sewer Acoustic Inspection
  • Attribute & Inventory Field Collection 
  • Data Integration with GIS

Ready to meet your project needs

No matter what you need mapped or located, SAM can provide the on-site GPS expertise to make your mapping project a success.