Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

SAM adopted and has been using Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology since its introduction to the commercial market. We always envisioned it as an advanced tool to support all of our aerial mapping and surveying projects. With the development of a safety-focused aviation department dedicated to small, remote unmanned aircraft, SAM extended these services to our customers to provide extraordinary speed and efficiency when gathering spatial data in even the most difficult to access areas. Our unmanned aerial platforms carry a variety of industry-leading sensors designed to capture high-resolution photos, videos, thermal images, LiDAR, and oblique images, allowing us to deliver the most complete datasets and resulting analytics. Our fleet of aircraft is poised for safe, efficient, and rapid deployment anywhere in the nation, and we have regionally distributed resources to reduce mobilization costs anywhere in the U.S.

SAM can show you how a creative UAS approach will deliver accurate geospatial inspection and assessment results while reducing project time, cost, and risk—without disrupting your community.

Experience in innovation

As an early UAS adopter, SAM has proven experience in safe and efficient UAS deployments. We are fully Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved and our Part 107 Certified Airmen have Remote Pilot Certificates. We have logged thousands of flying hours, and have covered thousands of project miles for clients across numerous market sectors around the country.

SAM’s expert flight crews include licensed pilots, trained flight observers, and geospatial support staff specializing in UAS technologies. SAM uses our UAS systems as one more tool to support our clients, wherever needed. Based on project location and site conditions, we can advise you of the best way to use this advanced technology. SAM has an excellent track record of meeting requirements for safe operation in even the busiest locations or when waivers are required.

Our technology is the difference

SAM operates a fleet of the most advanced unmanned aircraft, giving clients a full range of options to capture project data. We own and operate heavy-lift systems, made in the U.S., capable of carrying multiple sensors for a variety of remote sensing data collection purposes. We equip these aircraft with the latest LiDAR and imaging technologies, producing an exceptionally high rate of data capture, a broad field-of-view, and high-resolution results. Our systems can handle long flight times, and we can even deploy multiple crews to support a particularly large or time-sensitive project. Every flight is operated by two or three person crews and can be managed by a mobile command center for longer-range line of sight.

Our exceptional service does not stop in the field. We have developed a field-to-office workflow that supports quick and efficient turnaround of deliverables. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning software, we never miss a step—and can expedite data inspection and reporting processes.

Safety and security are SAM priorities

SAM’s licensed UAS professionals are fully insured and our Aviation Safety Management System adheres to FAA requirements—and SAM’s “safety first” standards.

To ensure safe UAS operations, our teams are trained to take immediate control of the aircraft during autonomous acquisitions in the event of external disruption or interference. SAM continuously performs risk analysis and assessments to improve our UAS operation. Using data encryption and redundant subsystems, we prevent data pirating and keep your information secure.


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No matter what geospatial data collection, mapping, assessment, or inspection need you have, SAM can provide a creative solution tailored to your projects requirements. Whether you are looking for faster information, a more complete picture, or a partner you can trust, SAM is here to help. Our UAS technologies are one more way SAM invests in our clients’ success.