Terrestrial LiDAR

SAM’s terrestrial LiDAR services deliver some of the most accurate and detailed project site data in the industry. Terrestrial LiDAR, or 3D laser scanning, provides extraordinary efficiency and speed in gathering spatial data, and it can be integrated with our mobile and aerial LiDAR solutions to create a complete geospatial picture.

Our surveyors can choose from a range of technologies to tailor the level of data we collect to meet your project requirements.

Our scanning technologies can make all the difference

SAM understands that when you start with data you trust, you can move your project forward more efficiently. That’s why we equip our experienced surveyors with the most advanced laser scanning tools.

Our terrestrial LiDAR technology solutions provide an exceptionally high rate of data capture, broad field of view, and high-resolution results. For example, our time-of-flight based laser scanning system features a longer range, making it the perfect choice for accessing dangerous, extensive, or difficult-to-reach locations. Our ultra-high-speed scanning solutions collect denser data at closer ranges.

SAM can capture sub-centimeter-level accuracy and combine it with additional data points through our processing phase to develop an exceptionally precise terrain image.

Complete data processing

SAM’s experienced technicians review the data immediately upon collection to verify complete coverage. Any holes or other unwanted artifacts are quickly identified so that we can rapidly recapture additional data if necessary. Following production, data is archived to support a more seamless service for future surveying work.

We’re experienced in a wide range of data processing software systems, so we can deliver your data in a wide variety of digital and CAD formats, including all industry-standard file types. Clients use our terrestrial survey data to support Building Information Modeling or Digital Terrain Models with a georeferenced point cloud dataset. We upgrade our technology regularly to ensure data security and accuracy.



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Key Services to Support
  • Data Acquisition for Inspections
  • Project Control
  • Engineering Design
  • Schematic Drawings
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • 3D Modeling for Construction Inspection

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