Complete geospatial solutions for railroads from survey to GIS, and all points in between.

At SAM rail isn’t just another bullet point; it’s a substantial part of our strategy.  We are focused on developing solutions for railroads and the unique issues that railroads face. That means you are working with people who understand the language and nuances of the railroad, people who can help things get done directly. You can have confidence in achieving the results you need. With offices located nationwide, state-of-the-art equipment and strategic alliances with industry experts, we have the tools, knowledge and resources to deliver the complete geospatial solutions for railroads.

Our diversified approach to data acquisition provides for complete turn-key solutions for rail projects. We work with clients to develop a solution plan with the appropriate level of detail that maximizes return and minimizes time in the right-of-way.  We can deploy multiple data acquisition methodologies, including:

  • Airborne, Mobile, and Terrestrial HDR LiDAR
  • Photogrammetry
  • Traditional Land Surveying

As experienced consultants, our knowledgeable managers and technicians are proficient with the latest data processing and integration techniques required to deliver useful and meaningful products for a variety of rail applications. Solutions include:

  • 3-D CAD Design Data
  • PTC Data
  • Asset Management Data
  • GIS
  • Clearance Data and Documentation
  • Planimetric and Topographic Design Data
  • Fully-integrated System Management Solutions
  • Right-of-Way Visualization

The results are solutions that fit your current working environment and deliver the right information to the right people—meaning you get more done at a lower cost.