SAM Wins One-Year, $1.2M Contract With National Gas Distribution Utility Company

May 24, 2021

SAM has been awarded a one-year, $1.2 million contract with a national gas distribution utility company to locate untonable facility services in Ohio and Kentucky. SAM will provide both Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and damage prevention services in both states.

Our teams will utilize customized, proprietary software to accurately locate and map the true position of each untonable gas facility. SAM will also organize and document facility routing, ticket documentation, and field workflow to determine, repair, and prevent any possible future damage and update all known records.

“SAM’s technology-based approach and proven damage-reducing solutions allow clients to make informed maintenance decisions faster,” said SAM Project Manager Andrew Costell. “By documenting facilities, improvements, and attributes, our services help minimize potential risks for both the client and for our client’s end consumer.”

Our field crews are available throughout the nation to support infrastructure integrity and prevent damage to gas distribution facilities and lines. Learn more about our industry-leading solutions here.