SAM Wins Contract with National Gas Distribution Utility Company

January 20, 2022

SAM has been awarded a contract with the possibility of additional work by a national gas distribution and electric company serving more than 1 million customers to map gas distribution mains and services in Indiana. SAM will provide both Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and Professional Surveying services to map recently installed gas distribution infrastructure.

Our teams will use RTK Survey-Grade GPS and electromagnetic utility-locating equipment such as Trimble receivers and controllers with compatible, underground locators to create a 3D map of the gas mains and services. We estimate this project will entail approximately 130 miles of mapping and impact more than 5,000 customers. This project is similar to the gas distribution infrastructure we mapped in 2019 in Massachusetts when our teams quickly and accurately mapped over 41 miles of gas distribution lines.

Using customized, proprietary software, our teams will accurately locate and map the true position of each underground gas facility. We will perform the fieldwork, QA/QC, and provide all forms of documentation, including abnormal operating conditions and other client-specific reporting metrics. SAM will also organize and document facility routing, ticket documentation, and field workflow to determine, repair, and prevent any possible future damage and update all known records.

“We are excited to continue our growth with a multi-state Gas Distribution operator that has become a true safety, damage prevention, and integrity partner in the industry,” said SAM Project Service Manager for Utilities and SUE, David Yarnell. “This symbiotic relationship has allowed for continual knowledge sharing and development that allows for a safer tomorrow in our own friend’s and families’ backyards. We look forward to providing solutions to complex needs and utilizing the diverse expertise of our employees for our clients across the country.”

SAM field crews are available throughout the nation to support infrastructure integrity and prevent damage to gas distribution facilities and lines. Learn more about our industry-leading solutions here.