SAM Managers Give Thanks on Employee Appreciation Day

March 5, 2021

Our people are our greatest asset and the key to our success, they always have been and they always will be. On this Employee Appreciation Day, a few of our leaders shared what they have appreciated about SAM employees and their teams during the past year.

We are grateful to our team members for their hard work, dedication, and ability to adapt to new changes in the workplace, all while continuing to provide excellent service to our clients.

Chris Solomon, President & CEO, Austin

I am very proud of our SAM and SAM-CS employees for the overwhelming support and collaboration everyone has demonstrated during this unprecedented time. Our overall positive performance through these recent events is reflective of everyone’s commitment to their careers, our clients, and the success of the SAM Family of Companies. We have the best team in the industry! Thank you to each and every one of you for choosing to be on the SAM Team.

Louie Patino, SUE Field Operations Manager, St. Louis

There are many things we appreciate about our crews including their “can do” attitude regardless of the task and their commitment to quality and detail. It has helped us be successful in the field and has contributed to the high regard and achievement for the company. Our teams are rigorous in following SAM safety protocols, which have shown great success in helping keep our crews safe. I am grateful for our crews and appreciate their hard work.

Tammy Petrekovich, Director of Administration, Austin

What I most appreciate about the Administrative Team is their dedication to our employees and their willingness to be flexible during the pandemic. Most of the SAM Administrative Team members have continued to work in their respective offices throughout the past year. They transitioned many processes to virtual formats to continue providing support to our staff, many of whom are working remotely, and have helped in numerous ways to support our COVID-19 response efforts. I appreciate their willingness to always do whatever is needed to support their local teams as well as their fellow Administrative team members.

Chad Thurner, Office Manager, Tallahassee

This past year has been one of the most challenging years that we have ever faced. Through this tough time, our team continued to provide the highest quality services, stay responsive to our clients, and build stronger communication amongst our teams, all while working to keep our co-workers and families safe. I’m appreciative that our staff took this challenge head-on and rose to the occasion. We had some obstacles along the way, but our employees stayed true to our SAM Core Values: Integrity and Ethics, People, Safety, Community, and Excellence in Service. We could not be more proud and grateful for the hard work and resilience from everyone.

Kevin Richardson, Senior Vice President, and Eastern Regional Director,Columbus

As I look back at the past year and think about the change that COVID has brought to all of our everyday lives, I am amazed at how well all of the SAM employees have done at adapting to successfully overcome the challenges.  From the field staff going to extra lengths to live and work in a safe and healthy manner while traveling far and wide, to our office staff taking time to increase the coordination efforts while working remotely, the team has gone the extra mile to continue to exceed our client’s expectations.  It’s rare to come across people who are so reliable and trustworthy. I truly appreciate the dedication.

From the field to the office and those working remotely, SAM Companies is grateful to those who make up the SAM Team. To learn more about our open positions and apply online, visit our careers page.