SAM Leadership Conference Builds Engagement and Excellence

October 3, 2019

On September 27-28 in Dallas, Texas, 75 leaders in the SAM organization participated in an event focused solely on developing leadership skills. “A Roadmap to Engaged Leadership” was a two-day conference providing SAM employees in leadership roles with the tools and skills to help them become a more engaged and effective leaders for their teams.

The workshop featured presentations by outside experts Sandra Lauro, an industry leading leadership trainer and coach, and Clint Swindall, author of Engaged Leadership, along with breakout sessions by SAM employees including SAM Sr. Vice President, Brett Smith, on Change Management for Leaders, Director of Human Resources, Dana Smola, with Got Feedback? Now What – A Feedback Guide for Leaders, and Learning, and Development Manager, Cindy McKelvey presented How to Make an Impact as an Emotional Intelligent Leader.

In addition to job specific training, SAM recognizes that leadership skills can be learned and leadership development can improve overall organizational results. “We know that the expectations of an organizations leaders are constantly evolving, and effectively leading teams requires significantly more than technical skill,” said SAM President and CEO, Chris Solomon. “Real leaders recognize that leadership is a privilege and create a team culture where people want to be. They value people, communicate well and effectively, and engage with many different types of people. We want these types of leaders at SAM and are investing in the training and resources to help further develop them.”

SAM is planning another Leadership Conference with additional SAM employees from offices in other geographies and will host the Leadership Conference on an annual basis. On the whole, SAM’s invests over 25,000 employee hours in Learning and Development each year and provides numerous training programs for employees at different levels and in various departments across the organization. “Without a doubt, our most valuable asset is our employees,” said Solomon. “And we want to make sure we are providing the learning and development opportunities that help them maximize their abilities.”

Learning and development is one factor that makes SAM a great place to grow your career. Learn more on our Careers webpage.