SAM, Inc. Supports Texas A&M 10th Annual Survey Camp

June 24, 2011

SAM, Inc.’s Houston office was an active supporter and participant in the Texas A&M University Zachry Department of Civil Engineering’s 10th Annual Survey Camp. Our Crew Chief, Zeke Caballero, worked directly with students, demonstrating standard field data collection techniques, such as construction staking and setting and labeling offsets.

According to TAMU’s website, the Survey Camp is an Old Army tradition that was discontinued in the 1980s only to be reinstated in 2002 with a whole new structure. The 21st century Survey Camp is a two-week course between the spring and summer semesters that consists of six days in the computer lab and five days out at Texas A&M University’s Riverside Campus. Each day is at least eight hours long and full of hands-on experience with surveying and map preparation. Teams of four students get to work with practicing surveyors and use their equipment out in the field.

SAM, Inc. is proud to have been a part of this important endeavor, and looks forward to continuing to support surveying education across Texas.