SAM, Inc. Named Top-Tier 2011 Hot Firm for Growth by The Zweig Letter

September 29, 2011

SAM, Inc. has been selected by The Zweig Letter as one of the top 2011 Hot Firms in their annual ranking of the fastest growing companies in the architecture, engineering and environmental consulting business sector. The firm was ranked number 20 out of 175 companies listed. It will be recognized for the accomplishment and receive an award at Zweig’s annual Hot Firm Conference at Laguna, California in late October.

The ranking by Zweig-White acknowledges what has recently been an exceptional rate of growth by SAM, Inc. The company experienced a revenue increase of approximately 189% over the three-year reporting period, and a corresponding increase of approximately 200% in the number of employees over the same period.

According to Samir “Sam” G. Hanna, founder and president of Surveying And Mapping, Inc., “our growth came about as a consequence of several strategic moves we’ve made in recent years to diversify the market sectors we serve and the technology services we offer.”

SAM, Inc. is pleased to be recognized for its accomplishments by a market leading business analytics firm such as Zweig-White, and looks forward to further achievement in our field as we continue expanding and enhancing our services to clients.

Complete results of the 2011 Hot Firms can be found at the Zweig-White web site.