SAM, Inc. Establishes New Subsidiary to Perform Construction Services

November 17, 2011

SAM, Inc. has recently established a new wholly owned subsidiary to further extend their capabilities into construction phase services. The subsidiary is named “SAM-Construction Services, Inc.” and will also do business under the name “SAM-CS, Inc.”

SAM-CS, Inc. will offer services that include construction inspection and observation, contract administration, implementation of QA/QC programs, and development of construction/materials quality manuals and specifications. The new subsidiary will focus primarily on transportation, electric transmission, and water/wastewater projects. SAM-CS, Inc. will also be able to deploy LiDAR-based data collection tools and other state-of-the-art technologies for construction phase service applications.

The operation will be based in Austin, Texas at the main SAM, Inc. headquarters location, and will be managed by Katherine Holtz, PE. Ms. Holtz has more than 30 years of advanced experience in materials, design and construction engineering in the transportation sector. She also has considerable experience in design and project management of capital improvement projects, quality management systems, materials performance engineering and construction management.

Samir “Sam” G. Hanna, founder and president of SAM, Inc., is excited about the prospects for this new reach the company is making. “Looking forward we see great opportunities in the market for construction phase services, such as we’re now offering, and we’re enthusiastic about growing our capabilities to meet those needs. We are very pleased to have someone as experienced and capable as Katherine helping to lead us in this expansion.”