SAM, Inc. Acquires New High-Definition Scanning System

July 7, 2011

Surveying And Mapping, Inc. (SAM, Inc.), a nationally recognized provider of geospatial data solutions, has recently added a new terrestrial LiDAR system to it’s extensive set of surveying tools. The firm purchased a Leica ScanStation C10 that will greatly enhance its terrestrial laser scanning operations.

LiDAR is an acronym for Light Detection And Ranging, a laser-based system to scan and capture high-resolution spatial data that can be used for surveying and other geospatial applications. The scanner collects highly detailed 3-D data of a scene by recording a dense set of spatially referenced points commonly known as a “point-cloud.” The point-cloud provides a highly accurate digital representation of the measured scene and can be used for a wide range of spatial management applications.

SAM, Inc. has offered terrestrial scanning services for many years, but this new equipment represents a considerable advancement in capabilities over the previous generation of instruments. The new system will provide greatly enhanced speed and ease-of-use in gathering accurate spatial data and will improve operational efficiency for surveying operations in numerous industries, such as electric generation, transmission, and distribution, oil and gas, rail and transportation, architecture and engineering, among others.

The Leica ScanStation C10 is a compact all-in-one system capable of very high accuracy and data collection speed. It scans up to 10 times faster than its predecessor model. With a 360-degree horizontal by 270-degree vertical field of view, the scanner can capture data in a full dome pattern. It has a range of almost 1,000 feet at 90 percent reflectivity and can gather up to 50,000 data points per second. A complete scan, including set-up time, can now be performed in just a few minutes. With an integrated high-resolution color touch-screen display the user can control the scene and target selection and preview the data collected in real-time. Collectively, these and other new features combine to deliver a package that will allow SAM, Inc. to remain in the forefront of terrestrial LiDAR technology and offer clients the best and most efficient method for delivering accurate survey data.

Improvements to the data acquisition rate are a key benefit of the new system. According to SAM, Inc. project manager Ruben Gaztambide, “The speed of the C10 is amazing compared to other instruments we’ve used. Being able to scan projects in a tenth of the time will keep us very competitive on terrestrial LiDAR projects.”

This addition to SAM, Inc.’s terrestrial LiDAR capabilities, combined with other recent enhancements to the firms mobile and airborne LiDAR services, has positioned the firm to own and operate the best-in-class tools for laser scanning projects. The firm’s capabilities continue to encompass the full spectrum of geospatial data collection solutions. Whether static, mobile, or airborne, SAM, Inc. has the expertise and tools to deliver.