SAM Conducts Advanced Training Program

January 14, 2020

SAM recently held Advanced PLS-CADD Training at our corporate office in Austin, Texas to expand employee expertise in vegetation encroachment, hazard tree analysis utilizing aerial LiDAR data-sets, and PLS-CADD Method 1 structure modeling. The training allows each technician to build their capabilities, and provide additional services for our clients with a more advanced deliverable – ultimately relieving client workload.

“SAM delivers a product ready for easy integration into our utility and consulting client’s planning and designs that increases their ability to bring a project in on time and on budget,” said Jason Caskey, Business Development Manager at SAM. “PLS-CADD is the industry standard in Transmission line design, and PLS-CADD training increases our ability to easily integrate our deliverables into a client’s operations and help streamline their processes,” Caskey added.

Nearly 20 employees from the Austin, Dallas, Denver, and Birmingham, Alabama geospatial and survey teams participated in the training led by Tim Cashman, P.E., a consultant with Power Line Systems, who brings more than 28 years of experience in transmission line design to the training. “Tim Cashman is one of the pioneers of PLS-CADD and a power delivery veteran. SAM continues our investment in career development yet again, bringing in one of the best subject matter experts in the industry,” said Caskey.

SAM’s learning and development program provided over 25,000 training hours in 2019.