SAM Welcomes 2022 SAM Summer Interns

May 23, 2022

Today, SAM welcomes 21 talented individuals to our 11th Annual SAM Summer Internship Program.

Our program provides college students the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to actual projects under the guided direction of SAM’s industry experts. Over the next two months, our intern class will explore different facets of the geospatial and construction services fields. Chosen from over 1200+ applicants, our SAM Summer Interns will engage with real-life projects, use industry-leading technology, and receive a hands-on view of their future careers.

Additionally, SAM Summer Interns will compete for the opportunity to win a scholarship as they present their capstone projects towards the end of the program.

We are excited to have an incredibly talented group of individuals working with us this summer.

Explore more about our summer internship through our dedicated blogs such as “Internships that shape your career: Former Intern Michael Medina discusses his success at SAM” and “Get Experience, Not Coffee: Real-World Experiences That Benefit Now and Later.