SAM Celebrates Our Administrative Professionals That Help Drive Our Success

April 21, 2021

Our people drive our culture and are our greatest asset. Our Admin Team contributes to our success on a daily basis and we are appreciative of their work. In recognition of Administrative Professionals’ Day, we asked five members of our Admin Team to share some of their experiences as Administrative Professionals at SAM.

Name: Candy Shelton

Location: Dallas, TX

Title: Senior Office Administrator

Question: How do your day-to-day activities contribute to SAM’s success?

Answer: As a Senior Office Administrator, my day-to-day activities help SAM conduct business. Often, I coordinate daily operations for multiple locations by supporting building management, vendors, as well as internally. In my position, I also work with our project teams, manage travel for office and field personnel, and organize team-building and charitable events.

By coordinating client appreciation events, I help SAM reach new clients and stay in touch with existing clients. These events create an opportunity for SAM staff members to engage in discussions, exchange ideas and information, and eventually lead to new opportunities.

All of this, and more, has made me proud to know that our Admins play an important role in the success of SAM Companies.


Name: Natalie Perkins

Location: Raleigh, NC

Title: Administrative Coordinator

Question: What has contributed to your success at SAM?

Answer: The people. From the hiring process forward, the people at SAM are approachable and friendly. My questions are always met with helpful people and answers.

The week I started at SAM Raleigh, we were packing to move offices. The following week, I flew to Austin for a SAM Admin Summit. I was immediately welcomed and felt as if I had always been part of the SAM family. I know the support of my Office Manager and Admin Team has contributed to my success at SAM.


Name: Christin Rowley

Location: Columbus, OH

Title: Office Administrator

Question: What is your favorite part of your job?

Answer: I love being a SAM Admin! I appreciate working for a company that has invested in my future, motivates me, and offers a flexible, supportive environment, especially during the pandemic. My favorite aspect of my job is my co-workers because we are respectful and trustworthy. We have a wonderful team that strives to see each other succeed. Everyone is always willing to jump in and help each other out!


Name: Maude Steel

Location: Austin, TX

Title: Office Administrator

Question: What characteristics do SAM Admin possess that help keeps morale up?

Answer: Good Interpersonal Skills: Along with being knowledgeable, organized, and having effective communication, our Admins possess good people skills. Simple things such as a smile and having a genuine interest in the well-being of co-workers ensure a pleasant work environment. Experiences like our office events also show our appreciation for SAM employees, promote teamwork, and are enjoyed by all.

Dependable Teamwork: Knowing Admins will efficiently assist through dependable, productive teamwork while also adhering to office standards and SAM Core Values are just a few ways SAM Admins help keep morale high at SAM.


Name: Amy Barrett

Location: Gainesville, VA (NoVA)

Title: Senior Office Administrator

Question: Discuss a favorite moment you have had at SAM as an Admin.

Answer: The best part of my job is the people.  I have been with the company for 10 years and the people have always been what makes up my favorite moments.  I very much enjoy planning employee events and watching them unfold with full enjoyment from our group.  Being a part of a team that appreciates what you do makes my job that much more enjoyable.  The camaraderie amongst our group is fantastic! The SAM Family of Companies makes these moments possible and I treasure each one.

I came from So-Deep, Inc., which was SAM’s first acquisition. I had the opportunity to help with the transition from an administrative aspect.  I very much enjoyed being a part of such a big undertaking.  While attending the first SAM Admin Summit after the acquisition, I spoke with Mr. Chris Solomon, SAM President and CEO, face-to-face in front of the Admin Team and expressed my gratitude for the embrace that SAM showed us. Mr. Solomon was very grateful for what I had to say. Seeing his expression of gratitude made me feel extremely welcome and a part of something so much bigger than I could have imagined.

Our Admin Team is vital to our everyday successes at SAM and we are grateful for their hard work and dedication. If you are interested in building a career at SAM, visit our Career Path Explorer or view our open positions on our Careers Page.