SAM Celebrates 25th Anniversary

April 18, 2019

On April 18, SAM, LLC proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary. What was once a local, Texas company focused solely on land surveying services, has now grown into one of the largest, full-service, geospatial and construction-phase services firms in the country. The organization is now driven by 1,000 employees in 30 offices and achieved a company-record $181 million in revenue in 2018. Founded on an approach that embraces innovation paired with excellence in service, SAM is a story of success built with passion, vigor, and capitalizing on opportunity.

Samir G. Hanna, originally from Egypt, entered the U.S. in 1970 with $250 in his pocket and the American Dream on his mind. After several years in a leadership role with a national engineering firm, Mr. Hanna established his own surveying company in 1994, Surveying And Mapping, Inc., which later became Surveying And Mapping, LLC (SAM, LLC). “When I started SAM, most large surveying operations were part of larger engineering firms,” said Mr. Hanna. “I saw an opportunity to do something different. I envisioned a firm that would focus on delivering advanced surveying technology and high quality services to numerous clients, and had the ability to team with different engineering firms.”

Under Mr. Hanna’s direction, the firm expanded from its initial land surveying offering to include digital aerial mapping, terrestrial, mobile and airborne LiDAR services, subsurface utility engineering (SUE), utility coordination, and geographic information systems (GIS). The company also now has a wholly-owned subsidiary, SAM-Construction Services, LLC (SAM-CS) which specializes in construction phase services.

In January 2017, Mr. Hanna announced his transition from the daily management of the company. Chris Solomon was selected as SAM’s President and CEO, and Mr. Hanna became Chairman of the Board where he continues to serve as an advisor to the management team. Since taking over the CEO role, Mr. Solomon has guided SAM with strategic leadership and focus on growth and diversification.

Upon reflecting on SAM’s Anniversary, Mr. Hanna stated, “We have grown tremendously since 1994 and have diversified our services beyond our core beginning, even into subsurface utility engineering and construction management. However, as we integrated new services, we chose services that aligned with our core surveying business and were field and capital equipment intensive.”

In 2016, SAM acquired So-Deep, Inc. and established So-Deep | SAM NC, Inc. In 2018, SAM acquired Nobles Consulting Group, Inc. (NCG) and in 2019, SAM acquired the New Jersey operations of Haag 3D Solutions. Regarding the acquisitions, Mr. Solomon says “We are combining organic growth in our core markets with acquisitions to diversify our services and expand our geographic footprint to create a strong, national presence.”

SAM not only celebrates this month, but will continue to highlight the achievement throughout the year.



“Congratulations on your 25 year anniversary! SAM has been a trusted and strategic partner for me on multiple high profile projects across central and south Texas since the late nineties. SAM efficiently delivers cutting edge work product that exceeds the expectations of our client owners.”

— Vice President, Global Multidisciplinary AEC Company

“It’s hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since our organization and SAM have been working together. From our early beginnings in the Panhandle of Texas to the things we’re currently working on in the Desert Southwest, SAM has been one of our most valued partners. All along the way, everyone I’ve worked with from SAM has truly embraced our core values of humility, respect for the individual, creativity, honesty and integrity. I can’t imagine having done what we’ve done without SAM at our side.”

— Vice President, Transmission Engineering & Construction Services, Electric Energy Company

“You all have always provided top-notch service both in terms of responsiveness and quality of their work. Amazing to see your growth. Congratulations on your anniversary!”

— Associate, Water Resources Design, Multidisciplinary AEC Company

“SAM has planned my routes and kept me at the right angle with each traverse we have made over the last 25 years; I would only triangulate with the Most Qualified!”

— Senior Vice President, Multidisciplinary AEC Company

“During much of my career, I have found myself needing services for land surveying, aerial mapping, laser scanning, LiDAR, and geographic information systems. As a client, I appreciate the dedication and superior efforts the SAM team has provided for me over the last 25 years. They have been instrumental in making projects successful. No matter what unexpected challenges that were encountered, the SAM team has always come through with the professional expertise and resources necessary to bring projects to a successful completion. Congratulations on your 25 years of success.”

— Manager of Surveying and GIS, Electric Transmission Company