SAM Awarded Contract with Iowa City for GIS Mapping Wastewater Infrastructure

August 30, 2021

SAM has recently been awarded a contract with Iowa City, Iowa, as part of a three-phase, citywide asset management project. Phase one of this project, awarded to SAM in 2019, included a needs assessment and consultation services. During phase two, currently in progress, SAM’s expert GIS field crews are onsite providing GPS mapping, data collection, and top-side inspections on the city’s wastewater system.

For this second phase, our teams are using Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) survey-grade Trimble R12 units to map existing wastewater infrastructure. This will provide complete, sub-centimeter accurate utility Geographic Information System (GIS) data for future use. During the third phase, our teams will continue to provide consulting services to help implement an asset management program in conjunction with the citywide GIS program.  This program will improve the data available to the city when planning and budgeting by enhancing the tracking of maintenance and repairs across infrastructure departments.

“We are excited to continue GIS mapping for this project,” said Ethan Herbek, SAM Field Operations Manager.  “The collected data will give Iowa City a tremendous amount of accurate information on their wastewater system in a format that will be easy for all departments to use, which will help to make capital improvement more efficient.”

For more information about SAM’s full suite of GIS services, including GPS data collection and inspection, visit here.