SAM Awarded Contract with Bartlett & West for 3D LiDAR Mobile Mapping

March 8, 2023

SAM has been awarded a contract with Bartlett & West, a leading engineering firm, for mobile mapping services. SAM’s Geospatial team will utilize its advanced Riegl VMX-2HA dual-scanning system to collect LiDAR and imagery of transportation assets. Our experts will focus on identifying guard rail locations and recording the crash pad status and dimensions for 5,000 miles of Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) roads.

“This is an exciting opportunity to continue our relationship with Bartlett & West and provide highly advanced geospatial solutions for MoDOT. The spatial data and applied technology solution will support MoDOT’s program and quest to improve traveler safety,” said SAM Senior Project Manager, Ethan Herbek.

Bartlett & West selected the SAM team for this program due to our long-standing relationship and ability to present solutions across multiple disciplines of geomatics. Our expertise in mobile mapping, airborne and terrestrial LiDAR acquisition, coupled with our GIS experience, made us the partner of choice for this program. SAM is committed to delivering high-quality spatial data to Bartlett & West, meeting their expectations and requirements, and maintaining our position as a reliable consultant.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Bartlett & West and contributing to the success of this contract award.

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