SAM Awarded $3M, 1-Year New Task Order by GDOT

January 28, 2021

SAM has been awarded the 1-year Task Order #5 under our current Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Statewide Utility Coordination On-Call Contract.  SAM will provide utility coordination, utility construction services, and other engineering services for GDOT under limited supervision and on an on-call basis.

SAM was chosen for our expertise and in-depth knowledge of GDOT policies and procedures. Our project team of 18 staff members includes many GDOT veterans who helped shape statewide utility policies, offering a distinct understanding and application of standards. Their experience combined with state-of-the-art geophysical sensing equipment positions SAM to provide the most complete picture of existing site infrastructure for planning, designing, and utility relocation.

“This Task Order allows us to partner with GDOT, utility owners, and stakeholders to provide the best solutions to identify utility risk and manage and eliminate utility conflicts early in the project,” said SAM Utility Engineering Department Manager and lead on this Task Order, Kerry Gore. “As a GDOT veteran, it is very important for me to bring innovative, technology-based solutions to the utility coordination field in Georgia.”

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