SAM Appears In Times Square

April 23, 2013

Surveying And Mapping (SAM) recently received some very high-profile exposure in New York City. SAM senior project manager Clint Gregg was part of a delegation representing the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO) who were at the NASDAQ Stock Market to ring the opening bell on April 23. The honorary ringing of the bell by guest visitors is a longstanding tradition for stock markets. As an active member and delegate to TIPRO, Clint was invited to be a part of the group in recognition of SAM’s support for Texas oil and gas industry public affairs.

NASDAQ arranged to have large images of the delegation constituent company’s logos appear on their outdoor marquee throughout the day. The nine-story tall electronic display is on the facade of their main MarketSite location in Times Square, at the intersection of 43rd St. and Broadway. Clint managed to capture a photo of the message with his phone to record the moment. (Shown right.)

Although the enormous message may have given the initial impression that SAM has become a publicly-traded company, this is not the case. The firm remains a privately-held company and is not listed on any stock market or exchange. Nonetheless, the high-profile exposure for the company is welcome recognition. SAM is pleased to be a supporter of TIPRO and to have been a part of this honorary event.