Matt Thomas Presents Case Study on Aerial LiDAR Systems at Virtual Expo on September 17

September 17, 2020

Matt Thomas, RPLS, PS, Senior Project Manager in SAM’s Aerial Mapping service sector, will be presenting a case study and participating in a panel discussion at the virtual Commercial UAV Expo Americas today at 3:15 p.m. CST. He will be discussing the capabilities, data quality, and a comparison of Unmanned LiDAR Systems (ULS) and Airborne LiDAR Systems (ALS). Especially in the aerial mapping sector, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have the capability of producing datasets with quality equivalent to larger, more mature, and accepted manned sensors. Mr. Thomas will discuss and compare two datasets, one taken from a manned airborne system versus one taken from a UAV, to demonstrate the equivalent quality between the two systems and discuss data comparison during processing.

SAM is driving technological change and innovation in the aerial mapping sector through data analysis and collection processes that transform complex data into practical deliverables for clients. SAM’s UAV remote sensing systems are designed to match both the acquisition capabilities and, most importantly, the data quality of SAM’s larger manned remote sensing systems. This equivalency in data quality and capabilities between manned and unmanned systems provides SAM with flexibility in project design. Also, SAM’s proprietary analysis software and advanced technology streamline data collection and processing to deliver imagery, video, mapping, and LiDAR data to a wide range of clients and industries quicker and more efficiently.

Matthew Thomas is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor in the state of Texas and a Professional Surveyor in the state of Indiana. He has been a member of SAM’s Aerial Mapping service sector for eight years and has more than 13 years of experience in land surveying and geospatial services. His expertise includes technical workflow/standards development for aerial and mobile LiDAR programs, calibration and data fusion of multiplatform aerial and mobile LiDAR datasets, field survey and processing of geodetic survey control, system development for mobile, UAV, and airborne remote sensing systems, and data acquisition for field survey, mobile, UAV, and airborne platforms.

Read more about SAM’s manned and unmanned aerial LiDAR data acquisition and analysis on our Geospatial webpage.