Employee Spotlight: Brian Belcher

November 29, 2021

Brian Belcher has been with SAM for almost ten years, working his way through multiple roles from Crew Chief to Survey Department Manager. He started at SAM just as the Columbus office opened, transitioned into the office, and began taking on leadership roles with increasing responsibilities along the way. In total, Brian has held six different roles at SAM and he continues to learn and grow each day.

Can you share your career journey while here?

I started at SAM as a crew chief more than nine years ago. Once our Columbus office grew large enough to require a field coordinator, I took on that role. From there, I moved into a phase manager position, working primarily in the Utilities and Energy Markets while focusing on learning and utilizing new technologies. After a couple of years in the office, I passed the FS and PS examinations (2017) and moved into a project manager position as a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS). I was promoted to a senior project manager shortly thereafter and am currently the survey department manager for the Columbus office, where I oversee surveying operations in Youngstown, Cincinnati, and Richmond, VA office locations.

How has your experience at SAM allowed you to evolve into new positions? Can you describe the benefits of developing within the same company?

When the Columbus office initially opened, we were a small operation. The few of us here at the time had to wear many hats, which really helped expose me to a variety of projects and the different tools available, while getting to work with many knowledgeable people throughout SAM. Moving through the various positions I’ve held has helped me better understand the inner workings of the company, the different roles of employees and departments, and the reasoning behind the processes and procedures we have in place.

What sets SAM apart from other places you have worked?

For me, two things stand out. First, I think there is a tremendous amount of collaboration between the different organizations and offices within the company; this helps drive business and allows SAM to continue growing while meeting the needs of our clients. There are also many of resources available to the employees, such as our Career Path Explorer, Pinnacle, and SAM University to name a few. With some initiative, folks can learn new software and equipment, hone their management skills, and work towards advancing their careers utilizing the various platforms that SAM has in place. By looking at our Career Path Explorer and working with their manager to develop a career path, employees can create a roadmap through the various positions available at SAM, identify future goals and chart a path forward.

How has SAM positioned you for success for the rest of your career?

I am fortunate to have some great mentors and get to work alongside many industry experts here at SAM, so I continue to learn things each day. I also get exposure to new types of projects regularly and continue to gain experience working with the latest industry and
proprietary technologies that enable us to keep ahead of the competition and allows us to continue expanding our capabilities.

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