COVID-19 Business Update

February 5, 2021

To Our Valued Clients and Partners:

I hope this letter finds you, your work teams, and your families all safe and well.

For SAM, our clients, and our partner organizations, the global COVID-19 pandemic has presented some of the most significant challenges our organizations’ have ever faced. Throughout this time, we have worked closely together to innovate, adapt, and successfully continue the vital work we do on essential infrastructure projects across the country.

Now, with positive strides being made in the distribution of a vaccine, we do see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, we recognize that process will take some time, and want you to know that we remain diligent in maintaining our COVID-19 safety protocols, and in keeping you updated on our safety practices.

  • Our Business Continuity Leadership Team and Infectious Disease Response Teams continue to meet frequently to adapt our practices as the situation evolves, and closely follow news and updates from global, national and local health organizations and government entities.
  • Each SAM field team member completed field-specific COVID-19 training and continues to adhere to those guidelines for our work on client project sites and in office environments. We also maintain close contact with our client organizations to ensure full compliance with their safety practices.
  • Our office team members adapted quickly and effectively to remote work, and currently over 80% of our office team members continue to work remotely.
  • We continue to enforce strict safety guidelines including social distancing, wearing masks, daily temperature checks, and limitations on office visitors and travel.
  • Frequent COVID-19 communication updates, reminders, and best practices, including safety videos, are distributed to all SAM employees.
  • We regularly conduct team member surveys, in addition to having one-on-one discussions, to identify challenges related to COVID-19, and to create effective solutions.

The new year brought with it even more changes across the country, and our team members at SAM remain positive and optimistic as we continue to evolve and adapt to those changes. As we look forward to another year of successful partnership, innovation, and opportunity, please know that the safety of our employees, clients and partners will always be a priority at SAM.

Best regards,

Christopher Solomon, RPLS
President & CEO
SAM Companies