AM, Inc. Furthers Geospatial Technology Investments

June 12, 2013

Surveying And Mapping, Inc. (SAM, Inc.), has made significant investments in two new technology initiatives. First, it has replaced its entire line of GPS data receivers with Trimble’s latest R10 receiver technology, purchasing 240 units at a combined cost of approximately $6 million. These state-of-the-art receivers are the best technology on the market and SAM, Inc. is the largest user of R10s in North America since their introduction.

Every SAM, Inc. field crew across the country will be able to take advantage of important enhancements to productivity and reliability that the R10 receivers provide. These include improved signal reception in areas of reduced satellite visibility, such as under a canopy of trees. Standardizing on a single model GPS receiver across the enterprise will also help SAM, Inc. to maximize crew familiarity with the system.

The second major technology purchase for SAM, Inc. involves a company-wide transition to Motion Computing F5t Tablet PCs, ultimately involving over 120 units at a combined cost of about $600,000. These latest generation tablet PCs significantly enhance the firm’s field operations through their use of a standard Windows OS that will run any software required, including customized applications developed by SAM, Inc. The F5t tablets will also fulfill a wider range of mobile processing needs, going beyond survey data collection to support other field activities such as construction phase services, geospatial services related to Geographic Informations Systems (GIS), and field asset management activities.

SAM, Inc. has long been committed to being a leader in the application of technology for geospatial services. Collectively these two new technology investments further support that objective and help the firm continue to provide timely, high quality, and efficient solutions to its clients.

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