Local Heart, National Influence

At SAM, our commitment to community is exemplified by our team’s national and local volunteer efforts, such as impactful roadside cleanups and contributions to food pantries. Community engagement is a core value deeply embedded in our culture, driving us to support a wide range of initiatives including Toys for Tots, Wounded Warrior Project, and educational programs for schools. By encouraging our employees at every level to participate in donation matching and volunteerism, we actively foster community connections and educational growth.
Volunteer Spotlight: The Texas Ramp Project

SAM shines a light on the individuals who make our communities stronger, like Zeke Zieschang from our Austin office. His commitment to constructing access ramps with the Texas Ramp Project exemplifies our ethos of service. Zeke’s hands-on volunteering offers life-changing support and embodies the selfless spirit that thrives within SAM, reminding us that the greatest reward is making a difference in someone’s life. Through the construction of these vital structures, Zeke and his team provide not just mobility but also freedom and dignity to those facing physical challenges, profoundly impacting both the recipients and the volunteers with each project.

A Culture That Cares

At SAM, you’ll do more than build a career—you’ll inspire and be inspired. Our consistent recognition as a top workplace reflects our vibrant culture of diversity, inclusion, and dedication to excellence. Life at SAM integrates community service and living sustainably, ensuring that our work has far-reaching benefits. Life at SAM is about making a real impact.

Consistently Recognized as One of the Top Work Places in the U.S.

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