Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

We’re leading in the use of advanced UAS technologies to provide best-in-class geospatial and surveying solutions for the future.

SAM embraced Unmanned Aerial Systems early and is now operating our fifth generation, with a fleet of aircraft poised for safe, efficient and rapid deployment. Adaptation of UAS into our business is just another technologic advancement we are utilizing to support existing energy clients. We have completed several hundred missions, covering thousands of project miles for both, manned and unmanned missions. We've performed projects for public and private sector clients including transportation, oil and gas companies, waste management companies, river authorities, and municipalities.

SAM is fully approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our Certified Airmen hold Remote Pilot Certificates, and are highly experienced and regionally dispersed. Our expert flight crews include licensed pilots, trained flight observers, and other geospatial support staff specializing in UAS processing. We have certificated aviators on staff and the program is run by a former U.S. Army aviator with over 2,100 flight hours. We use both rotary and fixed-wing UAS aircraft that can be equipped with digital cameras, LiDAR, thermal imaging, and other sensors to support various client applications.

Service Offerings

  • Pre-construction corridor assessment
  • Construction progress
  • As-built surveys
  • Bridge inspection
  • Topographic mapping
  • Civil infrastructure condition assessment
  • ROW pipeline inspection
  • GIS data collection
  • Thermal inspection for electric transmission, substation, and generation
  • Wireless infrastructure inspection
  • Cell tower mapping and inspection
  • Emergency response assessments
  • Vegetation management
  • Volumetric calculations
  • Methane detection

uas teamSafety: SAM's Aviation Safety Management System (ASMS) adheres to the FAA regulatory requirements, while aligning with our core values of placing "safety first". Supporting our business objectives, our Independent Corporate Safety Director and team work tirelessly toward continuous evaluation and improvement to protect our employees and clients. Additionally, to ensure safe operation of the UAS, a dual command system allows the operational team to take immediate control of the aircraft if external disruption or interference occurs.

Cyber Security: Aerial missions are designed to protect the acquired data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction. SAM performs risk analysis and assessments continuously to improve our UAS operation. One of the primary concerns is to prevent the sensor data or GPS positioning of critical infrastructure to be pirated. This is achieved by data encryption and redundant sub systems to ensure confidentiality of all data.

UAS Features & Benefits

  • AI & Machine learning software for inspection and reporting
  • Integrated multiple sensor payloads: LiDAR, Multispectral, Ultraviolet, RGB, HD Video
  • Integrated LiDAR, vertical and oblique photography collected simultaneously
  • Real-Time, live video transmitted over secure connections to remote locations
  • VTOL: Vertical Take-Off and Landing
  • Long flight times with ability to swarm multiple crews
  • FPFOV: First Person Field-of-View with continuous eyes on the target
  • Launch & Land with Mobile Command Center for longer range line of sight
  • Safe operation with 2 and 3 person crews
  • Autonomous flight plans for increased safety and efficiency
  • UAS Licensed professionals fully insured with $25M general liability
  • Regionally distributed resources reduce mobilization costs
  • Ground Control Surveys with UAS, supervised by Licensed Surveyor