SAM-Construction Services, LLC (SAM-CS)

The core of SAM’s integrated construction services

SAM is committed to helping clients build upon sound data, and our construction services are one more way we do just that.

SAM-Construction Services, LLC (SAM-CS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAM, LLC, and the core of our integrated construction services. Through this subsidiary, we provide complete construction services solutions, including contract administration, construction engineering and inspection, observation, quality assurance and quality control management, and the development of quality manuals and specifications.

SAM-CS supports clients and contractors by putting clear processes in place to keep communication open and maintain project schedules and budgets. Combined with the full range of SAM geospatial services, SAM-CS ensures clients receive the foundational data and management support they need to successfully complete construction work.


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Discover how SAM-CS can streamline your next construction project.

Our team is committed to your project success

Our team is comprised of licensed and highly skilled engineers, technicians, and inspection professionals with extensive experience and prequalifications across the full spectrum of construction projects. SAM-CS project managers and senior inspectors set the bar for program management expectations. SAM-CS is also at the forefront of developing new technology solutions to support more efficient construction services processes.

To find out more about our specific construction service offerings, see our Construction Services pages.