SAM’s History

A strong foundation in providing industry-leading service

In 1970, Samir “Sam” G. Hanna left his home in Egypt and came to the United States with only $250 and the goal of one day financially supporting his family. From that humble beginning, Mr. Hanna built one of the largest and most successful surveying and mapping companies in North America, with more than 900 highly skilled experts located in offices nationwide. Today, the firm is an undisputed leader in providing geospatial and construction solutions for a broad range of markets.

Surveying And Mapping Inc.—now Surveying And Mapping, LLC (SAM)—was founded in 1994 to offer professional land surveying services, including digital aerial mapping; terrestrial, mobile and airborne LiDAR services; hydrographic surveying; subsurface utility engineering (SUE); utility coordination; and geographic information systems (GIS). The company subsequently expanded its service line to include a range of construction services, such as construction engineering and inspection (CEI).

“We value the people that work for us above all else. Without them, there’s no other way we could succeed.”

Sam Hanna

Leadership today and into the future

In January 2017, Mr. Hanna retired from SAM’s daily management. SAM’s daily operation is led by Christopher M. Solomon, RPLS, President and CEO, who has been with SAM since its beginning. Mr. Solomon is carrying SAM’s legacy of excellence in service for clients and commitment to technology leadership forward to the next generation.

“SAM has always pushed to stay at the forefront of industry advancements to benefit our clients. It’s part of our DNA and always will be.”

Christopher Solomon

Meet our team of industry-leading experts.

SAM’s expansive growth

Today, SAM includes one wholly-owned subsidiary, SAM-Construction Services, LLC® (SAM-CS), which specializes in construction services.

From its founding, the company has been guided by Mr. Hanna’s philosophy: to focus on the quality of work and customer satisfaction, recruit the best people, and provide the most advanced equipment and training. To that end, the company has acquired a number of firms across the U.S. to further grow its network of industry-leading service providers.

With additional acquisitions, the company continues to expand its depth and breadth of services across the country. These acquisitions have included:

2016 – So-Deep, Inc.

A leading provider of subsurface utility engineering services headquartered in Manassas Park, Virginia. The acquisition leveraged the combined strengths of two AEC industry leaders to enhance project value for clients and expand SAM’s geographic footprint to the East Coast of the U.S.

2018 – Nobles Consulting Group, Inc. (NGC)

A leading provider of professional surveying services across the Southeast. The investment enabled SAM to continue expanding our geographic range while providing the Nobles team resources and expertise to expand its service offerings.

2019 – Haag 3D Solutions (H3DS)

A division of Haag Engineering Company, an innovator in 3D Laser Scanning and Building Information Modeling for the AEC industry. This acquisition grew SAM’s presence in the Northeast and provided the H3DS team the opportunity to expand their services across SAM’s nationwide footprint.

2019 – JMC Professional Surveying and Mapping, LLC (JMC)

A provider of surveying services across the southeast U.S. With offices in Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee, this acquisition helped further expand SAM’s geographic reach and service offerings.

2020 – Midland GIS Solutions

The Midwest’s largest GIS design and consulting firm, located in Maryville, Missouri. This acquisition contributed to SAM’s expansion of GIS capabilities, services, and market engagement.

2020 – HALIS

A company specializing in aerial data acquisition and processing across the U.S., and located in McDonough, Georgia. This acquisition expanded SAM’s aerial mapping, processing, and data hosting capabilities and services.

2021 – John F. Watson & Company (JFWCo)

A multi-service land surveying and consulting firm located in Midland, Texas, specializing in energy and natural resource development. With extensive experience in the electric market, including numerous renewable and transmission projects, JFWCo’s strong reputation and client relationships throughout the U.S. helped expand SAM’s capacity and solutions for clients in the electric market, and further diversify our client base.

2021 – R&S Digital Services, Inc. (R&S)

A leading provider of hosted, web-based GIS solutions available to clients through cloud services. Located in Great Bend, Kansas, R&S’s expertise helped expanded SAM’s already strong GIS capabilities for delivering hosted GIS services across multiple markets, and paricularly for delivering high-value solutions for public sector clients.

2021 – Marbach

Marbach, Brady & Weaver, Inc. and Marbach-Palm, Inc., collectively known as Marbach, are a multidisciplinary land surveying and engineering company operating in the Great Lakes region. With two offices in Indiana, Marbach has delivered services to clients for more than 100 years and has a strong reputation and deep client relationships throughout the region.

2021 – The Whiddon Group

The Whiddon Group is a Texas-based company specializing in utility engineering services and delivering conflict analysis services on projects for departments of transportation, design-build and other contractors, engineering firms, and utility companies.

2021 – Johnson Surveying and Mapping

A full-service professional land surveying firm serving the southeastern U.S. with licenses in Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee, and with particularly strong relationships with clients in markets that include utilities, land development, and other public sector clients.

2021 – Ghiotto & Associates, Inc.

Ghiotto is a full-service firm licensed in Florida, with strong client relationships in public works such as transportation, including the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and with other local government clients as well as private markets such as commercial development.