Utility Coordination

Utility Coordination takes the guesswork out of utility conflicts and resolutions, providing a new tool to fast-track project development.

In the past it’s been typical for the design and construction of transportation and infrastructure projects to encounter delays and construction obstacles due to utility conflicts and ROW issues. But in today’s rapidly changing market, with many projects expected to be completed in as little as twelve months, the best way to successfully design and complete projects with compressed time frames is to have UC as an integral part of the project team.

UC allows concept development, conflict identification, engineering design, and preliminary construction activities to be performed concurrently, all in accordance with pertinent regulations and specifications. SAM has one of the most experienced UC teams in the industry, and coupled with our Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), construction, inspection and survey capabilities, we can meet even the most aggressive project schedules. We are adept at resolving utility conflicts that can lead to significant savings in project costs. We will work with the utility owners, designers, contractors and client to avoid or minimize, if possible, impacts to the utility and the project.

Our UC team has extensive transportation and infrastructure experience and thoroughly understands all industry standards, laws, rules and regulations. Headed by a licensed Professional Engineer and backed by a knowledgeable team of engineers, project managers, and right-of-way/land agents, our team has expertise in civil engineering, utility accommodation, coordination, construction, inspection, surveying and transportation design. We thoroughly understand the needs of the designer, contractor, client, and utility owner, which allows projects to move rapidly with few missteps and no mistakes.

Our Utility Coordination section has years of DOT experience and knows the state and federal guidelines for reimbursement from the inside. Headed by a professional engineer and backed by a knowledgeable team of right-of-way and land agents with comprehensive experience in utility coordination at all levels, our team has expertise in civil engineering, surveying and transportation design as well as the DOT Utility Manual and FHWA Utility Accommodation Rules, which can often provide alternative designs that eliminate the need for a utility to relocate.

Our team can provide:

  • Site management
  • Data management
  • Project tracking graphics
  • Agreement assembly and processing
  • Verification of utility invoicing
  • Site inspection and as-built plans

With these tools, we work with you to develop a plan specifically tailored to meet the needs of your project and get you the maximum reimbursement for incurred cost in the shortest time.

SAM’s comprehensive UC administration consists of the following activities:

  • Federal, State and Local Utility Procedures + Project Documentation
  • QL-D Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) + Utility Conflict Resolution
  • Utility Conceptual Plan
  • ROW Maps
  • Assignment Verification
  • Conduct Meetings with Utility Owners, Designers, Contractors, and Client
  • Value Engineering
  • Complete Agreement Assemblies
  • Permitting
  • Joint Use
  • Exceptions
  • Plans, Specifications and Estimates
  • Schedule of Work
  • Eligibility and Betterments
  • Property Interest
  • Inclusion of Work in Roadway Contract + Advanced Funding Agreements
  • Buy America Compliance
  • Change Orders and Supplemental Agreements
  • Abandonment Maps
  • As-Built Submittals
  • Utility Billing and Payments

"We appreciate how the SAM folks 'go the extra mile' for us all the time and couldn’t be happier with the services they provide. I’ve turned down numerous business requests from competitors in your line of business, as I see no need in 'changing horses'...when we very much like the services and pricing you guys provide to us. Bottom line...keep up the great work!"

Vice President, Energy Company