Our surveys don't stop at the water's edge. Hydrographic and geophysical technologies provide you with detailed knowledge of what lies beneath the surface.

Multi-beam Bathymetry Along the San Jacinto Battleground Shoreline

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Article on SAM hydrographic surveying project involving an historic Texas landmark. Appeared in the newsletter for the Texas Chapter American Shore and Beach Preservation Association.

Our hydrographic survey team brings state-of-the-art technology to your project.  We offer diverse hydrographic services, delivering products of the highest quality and precision. Using the latest marine geophysical technologies, our team of experienced professionals can provide a comprehensive knowledge of underwater terrain, infrastructure, geology, and environmental constraints. We specialize in near-shore and inland water hydrographic surveys for oil and gas, electric energy, water, environment and transportation projects. Hydrographic survey applications include:

  • +  Pipeline and cable routing studies
  • +  Reservoir volumes
  • +  Environmental restoration
  • +  Bridge routing, construction and inspection
  • +  Well pads
  • +  Water intakes and outfalls
  • +  Habitat mapping
  • +  Docks and bulkheads
  • +  Hazard surveys
  • +  Wastewater ponds
  • +  Debris surveys
  • +  Marinas
  • +  Wind farms
  • +  Shoreline protection
  • +  Navigation channels
  • +  Cooling ponds
  • +  Pipeline depth of cover
  • +  Artificial reefs
  • +  Sediment sources

hydrographic survey boatOur twin-engine, 26-foot aluminum Workskiff is customized specifically for hydrographic operations and provides an ideal platform for shallow water projects. The boat supports deployment of diverse geophysical technologies including single- and multi-beam echo sounders, mobile LiDAR, real-time 3D sonar, magnetometer arrays, pipeline and cable locators, sub-bottom profilers, side-scan and sector-scan sonars, inspection class remotely operated vehicles, RTK GPS receivers, motion sensors, gyroscopes, sound velocity meters, and water level gauges. We are fully equipped to meet all of our clients' hydrographic needs.

How deep or steep, rough or smooth is the underwater terrain? What physical and environmental constraints lie beneath the water's surface? How much sediment fills your reservoir or channel, covers your pipe, or is available for your restoration project? What navigation hazards and debris did the latest storm leave in its wake? SAM hydrographic surveys will acquire data of the highest quality to meet all of your hydrographic needs.

Reliable Data Integration
All hydrographic survey work is performed under the direction of an experienced hydrographer with established quality assurance/quality control processes and all final products are delivered in the client's required formats.