HDS Scanning

Envision your project from all directions. HDS scanning delivers precise 3-D data to take on your most challenging projects.

Whole New Ball Game: HDS Scanning

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Our company has a reputation for being on the leading edge of new technology, which is why you’ll find only the most advanced high-definition surveying (HDS) at SAM. HDS and 3D Scanning are also an integral part of our services for Building Information Modeling. We use multiple HDS scanning systems, each with different strengths that can be applied depending on project capabilities. These are the most advanced terrestrial laser scanning scanning systems on the market, allowing us to unobtrusively deliver data of high quality and accurate detail in a significantly shorter project cycle. Our Leica ScanStation C10 is a time-of-flight based laser scanning system, offering a longer range when positioning or access to the project may be more limited. We also have Leica ScanStation P20 and P40 systems that use ultra-high-speed scanning, offering faster, denser data collection at closer ranges. Each of these scanners can deliver highly-accurate data for different defined project parameters.

However, technology is only a component—our team of experts deploys this technology in a wide variety of high-definition surveying applications, including civil, mechanical, electrical, architectural and archaeological projects. Not only do our terrestrial laser scanning professionals provide experienced data acquisition, project control, filtered data and complete schematic drawings and 3-D models, we offer fully registered and controlled laser scan data along with high-resolution digital imagery calibrated to the scan cloud.

Reliable Data
All terrestrial laser scanning work is performed under the direction of a professional land surveyor with established quality assurance/quality control processes.

Increased Efficiency
Terrestrial laser scanning is integrated into the survey workflow, allowing the ability to capture scan point information for later data mining.

Seamless Data Integration
All final terrestrial laser scanning products are delivered in the client’s required formats.

Our ability for fast, unobtrusive data capture translates to safety for survey field crews and motorists for which the process might otherwise intrude.