Vegetation Management

Simple, secure vegetation compliance and data acquisition tools help you manage nature of any nature.

uas teamOur vegetation management products and services combine LiDAR acquisition and detailed imagery delivered in a vegetation management software package for highly accurate vegetation data and precise locations of vegetation conditions. With our vegetation management software system data is accessible through a secure web-based data management and mapping format to easily identify, prioritize, locate, schedule, assign, track, complete and report on vegetation ROW work. Grow-in and fall-in threats are identified and prioritized to ensure compliance with FAC-003-1. Vegetation attributes on the floor of the ROW are collected and can be utilized to create floor and sidewall pruning management plans for cyclical vegetation work.

Our Vegetation Management Services Include

  • Use of LiDAR to identify grow-in or fall-in threats at max sag conditions
  • Imagery to view ROW conditions
  • Web-based viewer to allow full access to vegetation data
  • Data is acquired from fixed wing, helicopter, unmanned aerial system, (UAS), or a land-based mobile system

Our Vegetation Management Software Features

  • Prioritize vegetation threats
  • Provide accurate paper maps or digital data to field crews, to allow for vegetation condition location and remediation while utilizing the proper equipment and resources
  • Mobile field application for arborists and foresters to locate, edit, prescribe, and assign work
  • Issue work orders
  • Estimate and track costs
  • Track and audit work
  • Generates reports for compliance with FAC-003-1
  • Incorporate vegetation data into your company‚Äôs existing Geographic Information System (GIS)