Quality, accuracy and efficiency — from wide-open spaces to a few acres, our aerial mapping group gets the picture.

Led by multiple ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrists (CP) and backed by an experienced staff of photogrammetric technicians, our Aerial Mapping division has built a strong reputation of professionalism and integrity in the industry.

Our Photogrammetrists use the latest technology to deliver a complete collection of services, including film and digital aerial photography acquisition, planimetric and topographic mapping, digital terrain modeling, DEM development, digital orthophotography production, ground control survey, image scanning, digital aerial triangulation and airborne GPS and ABGPS/IMU acquisition and processing.

Photogrammetric map compilation is performed using a fully digital workflow supported by state-of-the-art workstations. More importantly, the results are formatted explicitly to your specifications. All mapping products can be delivered in any CAD or GIS formats to meet project requirements.


Our fully digital mapping department utilizes leading-edge technology to provide complete mapping data acquisition and processing services for digital photography and airborne LiDAR. We offer precision planimetric and topographic maps, digital orthophotography, digital terrain models, and mapping solutions for projects across North America. We have performed thousands of miles of corridor mapping projects.


We produce only the highest quality imagery for our clients. Our orthophotos have uniform tone and contrast between frames. Our 100% digital photogrammetric workstations are loaded with the latest software for efficiency and we can provide data in all the required mapping formats.


Our firm is one of the largest surveying and aerial mapping companies in operation. We have the depth of staff and resources to get mapping projects done on schedule.

Photogrammetric Services

  • Digital orthophotography
  • Digital planimetric and topographic mapping
  • Digital Terrain/Elevation Modeling (DTM/DEM)
  • Digital aerial triangulation
  • Ground control
  • Flight planning and execution
  • Image scanning
  • Airborne GPS and ABGPS/IMU controlled photography

We customize our expertise for projects of any size, including:

  • Base mapping for GIS
  • Route selection
  • Engineering design
  • Road surveying
  • Pipeline surveying
  • Transmission line surveying
  • Vegetation management
  • Railroad surveying
  • Environmental studies
  • Flood control
  • Land development