GIS / Spatial Data Management

Complete turnkey spatial data solutions for project planning, data management, and system implementation.

SAM offers Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Data Management services that complement our core surveying, mapping, and data acquisition capabilities. We provide our clients with purpose-driven, integrated products and services that are specifically tailored to their unique requirements. We have extensive experience providing solutions for clients across a full range of leading industries.

We specialize in integrating data across service disciplines to develop innovative and cost-effective data management solutions that eliminate silos and provide faster access to a single source of truth for office and mobile platform environments. SAM works to thoroughly understand our client’s unique needs and help them choose the right applications – whether they are custom or best-of-breed third party – to fit their project requirements. We support a complete workflow for Spatial Data Management, from planning through data collection, domain development, quality control, and ultimately data delivery in a full range of client-ready formats.

GIS / Spatial Data Management

Data capture is only the beginning of most projects and Spatial Data Management is the key to providing clients the solutions they actually need. We offer full line of tools and services for geospatial data utilization, including desktop, mobile, and cloud applications pertinent to the markets we serve. We provide purpose-driven geodatabase platform tools to capture, utilize, and manage a wide variety of dataset types. Our services include:

  • Geospatial Application Development
  • Geodatabase Design and Development
  • Asset Management and Analysis
  • GIS Systems Integration and IT Infrastructure
  • Dataset Mapping and Modeling
  • Feature Extraction and Compilation
  • QA/QC for Data Accuracy
  • Dataset Cleaning and Validation
  • Digital Photo Interpretation
  • Geospatial Dataset Migration
  • GIS Output and Deliverables
  • Geospatial Dataset Maintenance
  • Data Integrity Maintenance
  • GIS Implementation Programs
  • Facilities Management GIS
  • Web-based and Mobile Applications
  • 3D Visualization

Our Spatial Data Management Team can also provides expert assistance with:

  • Project management for applications such as work management, outage management, customer care, network analysis, or mobile applications
  • Program management for enterprise-wide or departmental geospatial implementation strategies
  • Business process analysis, needs assessment, and system requirements definition
  • Outsourcing of data management and GIS projects or functions to supplement or replace existing staff

SAM's GIS and Spatial Data Management professionals have extensive experience in a wide range of project types. They are supported by an extensive network architecture, using leading computing capabilities, CAD workstations, mapping tools, and the latest output/delivery technologies.

Esri Partnership

Esri logoSAM is pleased to be a part of the Esri Partner Network. We offer custom GIS and Spatial Data Management application development on the latest Esri architecture including desktop, server, and cloud computing options. Although we focus much of our GIS development, customization, and implementation efforts on Esri-based applications, we can easily handle data from, interface with, and deliver data to other GIS and CAD systems.

We also utilize software from other Esri-recognized developers to provide unique solutions, such as providing support for turnkey fiber design, make ready engineering, and acquisition solutions on telecommunications projects. These applications can deliver a multi-user, browser-based interface for the management of spatial data by credentialed users, whether from the office, in the field, or on-the-go.

Mobile Apps for Spatial Data Management

SAM has developed its own proprietary mobile apps to support various client Spatial Data Management needs. Available for both iOS and Android devices, they enable SAM clients to access mobile forms and submit project data. They offer a cloud-based, paperless approach to field data collection, allowing our clients to utilize a workflow that maximizes speed, efficiency, and accessibility of their project forms. SAM can customize mobile forms to meet our clients' unique project needs and all submitted data is stored in our own cloud with secure client access. With SAM mobile apps your project field data can easily be submitted and accessed using mobile devices you're already familiar with.

Why SAM? Our expertise helps clients:

  • Enhance their geodatabase utilization workflow efficiency
  • Improve the productivity of their data management personnel
  • Address compliance issues
  • Support accounting an project management processes
  • Improve project/customer service and accountability
  • Develop faster response times to make informed decisions based on reliable geospatial data

In addition to our GIS and Spatial Data Management capabilities, we also provide core services for data collection capabilities such as terrestrial, mobile, and airborne LiDAR data acquisition and extraction, orthographic imagery, remote sensing, professional land surveying, and subsurface utility engineering (SUE).

Whether you need assistance in data acquisition, custom application development, implementation, or integration, call us to discuss your unique Spatial Data Management and GIS requirements.


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