SAM-PRO and 360-Degree Video

Our interactive system provides unparalleled ease-of-use and functionality for corridor visual assets

uas dataSAM-PRO™ is software developed by SAM to provide access to spatially referenced image data through a user-friendly interactive interface. The GIS-based system delivers photos, video, and LiDAR images through a stand-alone application that operates in an Esri® software environment. The system can also utilize video from SAM’s proprietary camera array to deliver full 360-degree panoramic video in HD quality. The camera system can be used with different types of collection vehicles, depending on project type and location. With 360-video, users having the ability to pan, zoom, tilt, or view in any direction as the video runs, allowing the user to change views in real time while browsing a video sequence.

The SAM-PRO system displays Esri base maps including orthophotography, mapped infrastructure networks, the route of the acquisition vehicle, and interactive geo-referenced designations that allow users to load images or video from any location within the project site. Users can browse, select, and view anywhere along a defined route, and interactive linking eliminates the need to make multiple passes over project areas or sort through large numbers of images or visual data to analyze a specific location. A comprehensive data set that is immediately accessible provides managers with the tools necessary to make quicker and more thorough analytical decisions.

For clients across several market sectors and project types, SAM-PRO has proven to be a very effective tool for navigating through large amounts of imagery and video data. Combined with SAM’s 360-degree video acquisition capabilities, we offer this exceptional new option to help manage your project assets.