SAM-Construction Services, LLC (SAM-CS)

Construction services are the critical link between design and execution. Our team has the engineering experience to protect the client's investment.

sam-cs-logoSAM-CS® is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAM that specializes in construction services. Our engineering services include a full range of construction phase services, including construction engineering and inspection (CEI), observation, quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) management, contract administration, and the development of quality manuals and specifications. We are also at the forefront of developing new LiDAR-based data collection applications to support construction phase tasks.

Our team is comprised of licensed and highly-skilled engineers, surveyors, technicians, and inspection professionals with extensive experience across the full spectrum of construction projects, including for transportation, power transmission, and water/wastewater projects. Our project managers and senior inspectors each have extensive experience in construction inspection and bring a high degree of experience to those activities. They have successfully performed a wide range of construction phase services for a diverse list of clients in both the public and private sectors.

As with all other aspects of our operations, we work with the latest state-of-the-art technologies and tools to deliver fast, accurate, and dependable solutions for construction phase requirements. We deploy the latest equipment and utilize the most efficient techniques for collecting and managing construction phase data.

Mobile Device Apps
SAM-CS has developed its own proprietary mobile apps to support various client project information management needs. These apps are available for iOS and Android devices through their respective app stores. They enable SAM-CS clients using mobile devices to access mobile forms and submit data pertinent to their projects. Built using an industry leading proprietary platform, they offer a cloud-based, paperless approach to field data collection, allowing our clients to utilize a workflow that maximizes speed, efficiency, accessibility of their project forms. SAM-CS can customize mobile forms to meet our clients' unique project needs and all submitted data is stored in our own cloud with secure client access. With SAM-CS mobile apps your project field data can easily be submitted and accessed using mobile devices you're already familiar with.

Our team capabilities include:

  • Pre-construction conference management
  • Development of quality plan
  • Schedule development, review and analysis
  • Materials testing planning and coordination
  • Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI)
  • Construction observation and verification
  • Processes for change orders and shop drawings review
  • Perform and coordinate environmental monitoring and inspection
  • Coordinate contractors and subcontractors
  • Traffic control compliance reviews
  • Construction estimation payment review and recommendation
  • Review, monitor and evaluate project documentation
  • Recording of project conditions before and during construction
  • Utility Coordination (UC)
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
  • Establish project controls
  • Final acceptance process
  • Management of final as-built plan process
  • Auditing of project records
  • Management of warranties and product instructions

Qualifications and TxDOT Pre-certifications

uas dataSAM-CS is pre-certified by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in 17 areas, including virtually all the pertinent construction phase work categories. These include pre-certifications for roadway route studies, bridge layouts, roadway and highway design, bridge inspection, signing, marking and signalization, hydrologic studies, hydraulic design, roadway construction management and inspection, plant inspection and testing, soil exploration, geotechnical testing, and transportation foundation studies. In addition to these, SAM-CS's parent company, SAM, LLC, is also pre-certified in several other categories, including surveying, parcel plats and legal descriptions, right-of-way maps, design and construction survey, aerial mapping and control, state land surveying, and subsurface utility engineering. The two firms share a wide range of capabilities for TxDOT projects and the required pre-certifications.

In addition to pre-certifications, SAM-CS is also trained and qualified with the TxDOT Local Government Project Procedures (LGPP) program. This allows us to serve as a qualified consultant on transportation projects where municipalities, counties or regional mobility authorities are developing their own projects under TxDOT oversight. SAM-CS is qualified to assist local government entities in administering these projects with minimal use of TxDOT resources, while still meeting their regulatory and funding requirements.

If you like to know more about the broad range of construction phase services and capabilities we can deliver, please contact us for more information.