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69kV to 138kV Line Upgrade

Airborne LiDAR, Photogrammetry, Surveying   Electric

This project consisted of upgrading and rebuilding the existing wooden H-frame construction 69kV transmission line from the Fort Lancaster Substation located...

Crenshaw Light Rail Mobile Mapping

Mobile LiDAR   Rail

SAM, Inc. collected eight miles of 9-lane surface streets adjacent to the Crenshaw Light Rail track with our Mobile LiDAR mapping system to create a 3-D visualization...

South Orient Railroad

Photogrammetry, Surveying   Rail

SAM, Inc. established control and provided aerial mapping services on approximately 392 miles of existing railroad. The project began in San Angelo Junction in...

Acadian Haynesville 100-mile 42" Pipeline

Surveying   Oil & Gas

This project consisted of a preliminary route survey from an existing site in Avoyelles Parish, LA going south to a proposed compressor station site in Point Coupee,...

Eagle Ford 30-mile 24" Pipeline

Surveying   Oil & Gas

This project consisted of a preliminary route survey from an existing site in Webb County, TX going west to a proposed site in LaSalle County, TX. All pertinent...

Farmers Branch - White Settlement

Photogrammetry, Surveying   Federal

SAM, Inc. was tasked to provide ground control, new aerial photography (including film negatives and contact prints), digital terrain model (DTM), digital...

Sheppard & Laughlin AFB

GIS, Surveying   Federal

SAM, Inc. was responsible for GPS data collection of six (6) utility systems at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, TX and Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, TX. GPS data collection...

I-410 Mobile Mapping

Mobile LiDAR   Roadway

This project consisted of a topographic and design survey approximately or 1.3 miles of Loop 410.  The limits of the project started 500’ north of the intersection...

Underground Utility Locating for Electric Power Poles

SUE   Electric

This project consisted of providing Quality Level A – Test Holes to locate any utilities within seven (7) proposed power pole structures. Each location required 13 to...

Utility Sweeping for 154 miles of 345kV Electric Transmission Lines

SUE   Electric

SAM, Inc.'s SUE department provided Quality Level B services and electronically swept for underground utilities at approximately 152 PI Pole locations for...


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