Subsurface Utility Inspection

SAM’s subsurface utility inspection services provide our clients reliable data for as-built documentation and improved asset management. With the most experienced SUE team and nationwide service, you can trust SAM to develop a solution to suit your specific inspection needs.

Our technology is the difference

SAM’s advanced inspection crawlers can inspect the condition of even the most difficult-to-access subsurface utilities. Guided by a single-channel digital wireless remote controller, our crawlers can provide photos and video for key design elements such as tie-ins and bends. With this data, our clients can diagnose utility issues and more proactively address utility maintenance and replacement projects.

But our service doesn’t stop in the field. We have developed a field-to-office workflow that supports quick and efficient turnaround of deliverables. Using our powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning–powered software, we make it easier than ever to capture, organize, and analyze your remote sensing data.


Meet our team of industry-leading experts.
  • Internal and External Inspection for Concrete Cylinder Pipe
  • Corrosion Repair and Installation
  • Deep Well Anode Beds
  • Valve Service

Ready to meet your project needs

No matter what inspection need you have to solve, SAM can provide a creative solution tailored to address your needs. Our utility inspection services are one more way SAM invests in our clients’ success.