SAM’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program

SAM’s quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program employs multiple layers of checks and balances to ensure every geospatial and inspection service deliverable deliverable is accurate before it reaches the client. As we do in other critical service areas, SAM applies leading-edge technology solutions to QA/QC for the fastest, most accurate service.

SAM has developed comprehensive QA/QC programs for major transportation projects. Our Quality Policy dictates commitment from our Management Team for the development and implementation of programs and procedures to verify the inspection and testing efforts conforms to the requirements of a project and maintains consistency of effort during execution of services. Our QA/QC Program facilitates a collaborative effort and fosters teamwork between all project parties to promote contract compliance and process improvement.

Quality is a part of our data collection

SAM employs electronic data collection systems to reduce the potential for human error and expedite our QA/QC review processes. We have developed mobile apps that automatically capture field data and reconcile it within our Electronic Data Management System.

Since our geospatial professionals and inspectors collect information and electronically submit it as the work progresses, data is captured and processed in near-real time. The result is less wasted time, cost and potential for error.


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Accurate information in your preferred format

Our subject matter experts and management apply standardized QA/QC processes to verify information submitted through the app, ensuring each deliverable meets the job’s specified requirements. And clients receive detailed supporting documentation with every deliverable.

SAM is committed to delivering the industry’s most accurate data—and we’ve built our QA/QC program to meet our high standards every time.