Mobile LiDAR

Through our mobile LiDAR services SAM is committed to providing clients with exceptionally detailed data. Mobile LiDAR, or 3D laser scanning, is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to collect spatial data. Our non-invasive technologies capture all required data-point measurements in a single pass, speeding up your processes and eliminating the need for additional mobilization costs.

With access to a full range of laser scanning technologies, our team can tailor the level of data we collect to meet your project priorities.

Our mobile scanning technologies save time and money

Capturing up to a million or more survey-quality points per second, SAM’s mobile LiDAR solutions move your project forward far faster than conventional surveying techniques. Our team members use the most advanced laser scanning tools to save you time and money.

We equip our mobile LiDAR vehicles with multiple 360-degree LiDAR sensors, high-resolution cameras, GPS receivers, and an Inertial Measuring Unit to capture the industry’s highest data density—up to 150 points per square foot. This non-invasive surveying method accurately locates features inaccessible by other methods. If daylight site access is constrained data collection can even be performed at night.

Complete data processing

As soon as it’s collected, SAM’s experienced technicians review the data to verify complete coverage. Post-production data is archived to support more seamless service for future surveying work.

We’re experienced in a wide range of data processing software systems, and we can provide your LiDAR data in your preferred format. Many clients use our mobile survey and mapping data to support Digital Terrain Models with a georeferenced point-cloud dataset

Meet our team of industry-leading experts.

Key Services

  • 3D Asset Inventory/Mapping
  • GIS Mapping
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Engineering Design
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Planimetrics
  • 3D Modeling
  • Engineering/Route Selection
  • Vegetation Surveys
  • Crossing Surveys
  • 3D Corridor Mapping for Engineering and Obstruction Surveys
  • Positive Train Control (PTC) Mapping
  • Existing Track Geometry and Cardinal Points
  • High and Wide Routes Defined by AREMA Plate Templates
  • Rail Yards, Signals, Yard Roads, Maintenance Facilities
  • Under Cutting Projects, Bridges and Track Profiles
  • Open Deck Bridges for Timber Maintenance

Ready to move your project forward

Whether you’re looking for a more complete picture, faster data capture, or a partner you can trust, SAM is here to help. Discover how our mobile LiDAR solutions can help us address your project needs.