SAM Geospatial and Construction Services

A complete range of solutions supported by leading-edge technology

As the nation’s largest combined geospatial and construction services firm, SAM offers an extensive range of geospatial services for collecting and analyzing complex data across a wide range of markets and engineering projects. Our national reach, broad expertise, and applied technologies allow SAM to capture even the most challenging physical environments from coast to coast—and deliver practical insights and high-quality georeferenced data with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Our vast scope of services plays a vital role in providing the foundational data, input, insight, and oversight needed for project success.

Construction Services

SAM’s construction services are the critical link between design and execution. From the critical first construction survey through a complete range of program management offerings, SAM can give you access to the industry’s most sophisticated technologies and services.    

Geospatial Services

SAM’s geospatial services deliver intelligent data that clients use to support project planning and asset management across a complete range of industries. Our multi-platform approach to mapping allows us to deliver photogrammetry; terrestrial, mobile, and aerial LiDAR; 3D laser scanning; and GIS services—or integrate them into turnkey solutions tailored to your needs.

Surveying Services

SAM’s crews can deploy anywhere needed to meet a complete range of surveying needs. Our industry-leading surveying services are the foundation of reliable planning, design, and construction work across a tremendous range of industries.

Utility Engineering Services

SAM’s utility engineering services help project owners and developers across a complete range of industries gain a more complete picture of existing site infrastructure, laying the groundwork for faster and more reliable planning, design, construction, and utility relocation. From surveying and mapping through utility coordination and subsurface utility engineering, we streamline project success.

BIM Services

Our virtual design construction technology solutions can improve design constructability and reduce conflict in the field. SAM’s complete range of Scan-to-BIM solutions can provide the 3D deliverables needed to support a precise data-based BIM model.