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Leading the geospatial and inspection industries in depth and accuracy

Over the years, SAM has earned a reputation for delivering exceptionally detailed, accurate, and easy-to-use project data—the kind that keeps projects moving forward with speed and efficiency. We work on projects of all sizes, from local route surveying to complex, multibillion-dollar infrastructure services for a range of industries. As a leader in the geospatial industry and a major inspection solutions player, we deliver the skills, technologies, and experience you need to build with confidence.

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We work in an extensive range of markets, including the following:


Most architects are looking for a teaming partner who will deliver a project to their exacting expectations. With SAM, you get the nation’s leaders in grospatial and inspection services, so we have all the skills, advanced geospatial technologies, and program management skills it takes to deliver even the most complex project with precision. Our team includes building science experts and some of the pioneers in the application of BIM, making SAM the standard against which 3D imaging practitioners are measured.


SAM supports safe and reliable greenfield planning and brownfield upgrades for power transmission, distribution, and substation projects. Our advanced technology solutions and dedicated electric industry crews deliver exceptionally complete data that clients rely on to grow and maintain their electricity infrastructure safely and efficiently.


For decades, our integrated geospatial services have supported both federal and local government partners in developing cost-efficient and regulatory-compliant solutions for construction and infrastructure management. Our work supporting contracts for numerous government departments have resulted in “exceptional” performance evaluations due largely to our responsiveness and ability to tailor solutions to meet unique needs.

Land Development

Through our advanced technology solutions and experienced staff, SAM delivers critical data required of land development services for residential, commercial, and multi-family high-rise properties. We deliver a complete picture of site conditions that developers can easily manipulate in a machine-controlled modeling environment.


A fully insured expert with thousands of miles of oil and gas pipeline experience, SAM is a partner you can rely on. We offer a complete range of infrastructure support, from new pipeline surveying through maintenance support and legacy mapping.


From surveying and aerial mapping to utility engineering and inspection services, SAM brings a comprehensive suite of expertise to a complete range of transportation projects.

Aviation: We support the development of aviation infrastructure for county and international airports, military bases, and municipal airfields.

Highways: We oversee geospatial and inspection services for local routes and multi-billion dollar highways.

Ports: We assist port development partners in speeding infrastructure renovation, improving maintenance, and driving modernization.

Railways: We support transit and long-haul rail providers with the high-resolution data they need to design faster, improve constructability, and streamline asset management.