Whether from a fixed-position or mobile, on the ground or from above, we've got you covered with LiDAR laser scanning solutions.

SAM offers a multi-platform approach to LiDAR services to provide our clients with the benefit of a single, trusted source for laser scanning solutions. Our geospatial services division is experienced in a wide variety of mapping disciplines united by one goal—client success. With in-house photogrammetry, airborne LiDAR, mobile LiDAR, terrestrial LiDAR, BIM, and GIS solutions, we work with the client to determine the best geospatial technology to meet their unique project needs and schedules.

Our extensive network, processing and people-power offers a scalability of resources to ensure quality and timely delivery of laser scanning deliverables. Systems and software are upgraded regularly so clients can benefit from the efficiency and accuracy of the latest enhancements.

SAM provides a complete suite of LiDAR acquisition and processing services. Our LiDAR capabilities include aerial data acquisition from helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and land-based acquisition from fixed and mobile platforms. With extensive processing hardware and software, we can deliver solutions in a wide variety of digital and CAD formats.

Benefits of LiDAR-based Solutions Over Traditional Surveying Data Collection

+    Massive data collection within project limits

+    Much more complete data collection within project limits

+    Greater potential for faster turnaround of useable project data

+    Increased safety from lower exposure to field hazards, such as traffic

+    Decreased disruption of project environment due to fieldwork

+    Potential reduction of costs for comparable data collection