We’ve generated an impeccable reputation in the electric transmission, distribution, and wind power industry.

As one of the largest surveying and mapping firms in the U.S., SAM has the resources, equipment and industry experience to support your electric energy, transmission and distribution, and renewable power projects throughout North America. Our experienced staff includes professional surveyors, engineers and photogrammetrists, with fully-equipped field crews and technicians available across the broad geographic region we serve. In the past few years, we have completed more than 30,000 square miles of routing photography, over 5,000 miles of greenfield and existing transmission line mapping and ground surveys of more than 5,000 miles of transmission corridors.

Route Studies
One of the foundations of effective transmission line routing is accurate and timely geospatial information. We offer a comprehensive suite of route study services.

Our turnkey survey and mapping solutions for greenfield transmission projects include everything from design scale aerial mapping to final construction staking.

To ensure the reliability of transmission line systems, we offer all the tools you need for the modeling, analysis and upgrades of existing lines. This allows for the most-current facility documentation to be provided for adequate support of all transmission line engineering functions.

We continue to adapt new technologies for detection, monitoring and reporting that will pinpoint possible line problems before they become catastrophic failures. Our inspection services allow for better preventative maintenance, less downtime and increased reliability.

Renewable Energy Projects
As more of our future energy needs will be met by renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, SAM is working with our clients to provide survey and mapping services to support this growing industry.

Services for Wind and Solar Projects

  • Professional Land Surveying
  • Parcel Mapping
  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Digital Aerial Mapping & Photogrammetry
  • Planimetric Mapping
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Airborne, Mobile, & Terrestrial HDS LiDAR
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Route Studies
  • Rebuild / As-Built Services
  • Data Collection & Asset Management
  • Inspection / Maintenance Services
  • Utility Crossing Agreements
  • Unmanned Aerial System Imaging
  • Thermal Imaging for Solar Cell Inspection

If you would like to know more about the broad range of electric industry capabilities we can deliver, please contact us for more information.

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SAM crews rank right up there with the best. It’s rare to find guys that take pride in what they do and give 100% to go the extra mile. They're the kind of crews you wish you had a dozen more just like. It's refreshing knowing that the future of surveying has crews like SAM's to carry on our great profession.

Director of Survey Operations, Engineering Consulting Firm